Plenary Session 4 | Cyber Attacks, Company Image, and Compliance

In an era of relentless cyber attacks on companies, regardless of industry, the concern is no longer “if” but “when”, leaving board members and the c-suite to list cybersecurity among the company’s top concerns.  Cyber threats expose the most sensitive asset to any company: its information.  The fallout places the company’s reputation on the line while exposing it to costly procedures and possible litigation.  What are the steps that companies need to take now to not only prevent massive breaches, but respond swiftly and effectively should a breach occur?  At what stage does compliance need to be involved and how does this role still need to change to better combat these acts?  This panel will explore the imminent concerns around cyber attacks, proper response during times of duress, and key roles that can make the difference.


  • Mary Ellen Callahan, Partner and Chair of Jenner & Block’s Privacy and Information Governance Practice, Jenner & Block



  • Robert Jett, Global Compliance Counsel and Data Privacy Officer, Reinsurance Group of America


  • John Riggi, Section Chief, Cyber Crimes Division, Federal Bureau of Investigation


  • Rachel Reid, Chief Counsel and Chief Privacy Officer, Voya Financial