Morning Breakout Session 2 | Third Party Due-Diligence: Managing Risk Across Global Relationships

Whether an organization is looking to expand for the first time overseas, or a multinational continues to grow cross-border and entering new markets, the relationships with suppliers, vendors, and partners is increasingly essential. How do organizations ensure that compliance and ethical standards are in alignment with each third party, and how does that get communicated?  How can due diligence processes be enhanced to better identify the “red flags” and material risk? How many layer deep do due diligence efforts need to go so that the appropriate amount of assessment is in place? This seasoned panel will share best practices around relationship management, risk assessment, and building trust, and keeping pace with a business critical global network.


  • Kenneth Kurtz, Chief Executive Officer, STEELE Compliance and Investigation Services (CIS)



  • Stephen Donovan, Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer, International Paper Company


  • Christine Stickler, Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer, TE Connectivity


  • James Williams, Vice President, General Counsel, and Corporate Secretary, Liquidity Services