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  • Please note, Peer-to-Peers take place at the same time as breakout sessions on day 1. Descriptions for each session are below.

Peer-to-Peer Session | Give and Take: Moving Beyond GT&E Lip Service – Hosted by Convercent
Many organizations have taken a hyper-cautious, heavy-handed approach to their gifts, travel and entertainment (GT&E) policies to avoid the practice—or perception, even—of corruption. Though done in good faith, this focus is misplaced. What matters more than a thoughtfully drafted and well-publicized gifts and entertainment policy is a company’s ability to show adoption of and adherence to those policies—and irrefutable proof of a lack of corrupt intent. In today’s fast-moving, hyper-connected business environment, that’s much easier said than done. During this interactive roundtable discussion, GES attendees will share and learn the challenges and best practices around GT&E compliance, including:

  • How to solicit and approve disclosures before action is taken
  • How to monitor and verify what was disclosed against what actually happened
  • The relationship between GT&E policies, procedures and responses
  • How to engage HR and finance

Peer-to-Peer Session | M&A Risk: Identifying Compliance Red Flags During Due Diligence – Hosted by FTI Consulting
During this interactive roundtable discussion, participants will examine and share best practices on the compliance role during due diligence and the company need for enhanced methodology and models to better identify risk, including:

  • Developing risk models for M&A targets
  • Anticipating geographic or industry-specific concerns
  • Factoring in third party relationships
  • assessing compliance culture of the target company