John Riggi Cyber Division Section Chief
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

Mr. Riggi is a highly decorated 27 year veteran of the FBI, and currently serves as the Section Chief for the Cyber Division national Outreach program, where he leads the development of strategic partnerships with the private sector for the investigation and exchange of information related to national security and criminal cyber threats. In this role, Mr. Riggi has led national outreach initiatives related to critical infrastructure sectors, transformed the private sector outreach program from a reactive model to an intelligence driven pro-active model. Mr. Riggi serves as the senior FBI representative to the White House Cyber Response Group, Financial Services Sector Steering Committee. Mr. Riggi is also the Executive Program Manager for the FBI sponsored, 40,000 member InfraGard Association.

Previously, Mr. Riggi served as an Assistant Special Agent in Charge for the Washington Field Office’s, Intelligence Division. In 2013 Mr. Riggi was selected to lead the development of the FBI’s Cyber Financial Pursuit Team. Previously, Mr. Riggi served for four years as the National Operations Manager for the FBI’s Terrorist Financing Operations Section and two years at CIA ‘s Counterterrorism Center (CTC).

Prior, Mr. Riggi served sixteen years in the FBI New York Field Office as a Case Agent, Supervisor of the High Intensity Financial Crimes Area (HIFCA) Task Force and Supervisor of the Terrorist Financing Squad. In New York, he developed and led the FBI’s first undercover operation into Russian Organized Crime, was the first to use sting money laundering transactions in terrorism financing cases and and initiated the Federal investigation of the Alavi Foundation which resulted in the largest counterterrorism seizure of assets in US history. Mr.Riggi also acted in an undercover capacity posing as an organized crime money launderer to penetrate and expose the multi-billion dollar commercial check cashing industry in New York City and its connection to organized crime money laundering and bank corruption. Mr. Riggi also served as an operator on the FBI NY SWAT team for eight years. Mr. Riggi began his career as an FBI Special Agent in the Birmingham Office in 1988.

Mr. Riggi is a recipient of the FBI Director’s Award for leading a highly successful classified terrorism financing interdiction program which was responsible for preventing multiple terrorist attacks in a foreign ally’s nation. Mr. Riggi is also a recipient of the CIA George H.W. Bush Award for Excellence in Counterterrorism, which is the CIA’s highest counterterrorism award, for greatly expanding FBI / CIA joint counterterrorism operations and cooperation.