Letty Ashworth Director, Global Diversity
Delta Air Lines

Letty Ashworth is Director, Global Diversity for Delta Air Lines. In this role, she is a key leader in Delta’s D and I global strategy to develop an efficient and effective workforce that reflect the changing demographics of an increasingly interconnected world.

She works with Delta leaders on efforts to ensure Delta is an employer of choice for diverse talent, including the company’s efforts to recruit and support veterans and serve as an advocate for Delta employees and their families living with disabilities.

Under her leadership, Delta’s eleven Business Resource and Employee Support Groups have continued to grow and are a vibrant part of Delta’s culture. Along with other leaders, Letty has been instrumental in the growth of RISE, Delta’s company-wide mentoring program that include chapters in Asia and Latin America.

Letty also oversees Delta’s Speaker’s Forum where sessions have reached thousands of employees provoking thought and discussion on topics important to Delta associates and the community such as Autism. Her reputation and constant work on behalf of Delta have helped her attract stellar speakers for this important program.

She has also led Delta’s efforts in the area of combatting human trafficking, and has given testimony to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs in support of Delta Air Lines commitment to address the issue.